From Lisa Day's Local Review - December 2008

Fodder for the Foodie: Any of you who have been in my kitchen, know that I have a passion for food and wines. Recently, I stumbled on a little surprise that I would like to share with you. I stopped at Visconti's in Leavenworth recently for a quick meal before a meeting at Sleeping Lady. As I bellied up to the bar to eat lunch, I noticed three prime grade hamburgers on the menu. While all three sounded terrific, I opted for the sweet onion and balsamic reduction - and added a slab of provolone. This sandwich was like butter cream. Unbelieveably moist, cooked as requested, and with a soft, flavorful bun. Don't miss this next time you have a hankering for a hamburger. My next update will be on a few new restaurants I recently tried in Chelan!