From Lisa Day's Local Review - January 2009

Lisa’s Recent Community Walk-Abouts: Have you noticed all the construction going on in the building at 9 S Wentchee Avenue? This beautiful building, located just three doors south of Palouse on the east side of the street, is undergoing a major interior remodeling effort. I had the good fortune of touring the building a few weeks ago (shortly before my retail experience began!), and was in awe of the work being done to house the new offices of the Community Foundation of North Central Washington (CFNCW) The Foundation is a non-profit charitable community trust serving the areas of Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties. Last year, CFNCW awarded over $1.2 million in grants (including over $217,000 in student scholarships) within our three county areas. Additionally, the Foundation received gifts of nearly $1.9 million. Individuals, families, and businesses find many good reasons to use the Community Foundation to carry out their charitable plans. For more information, contact CFNCW Executive Director, Beth Stipe at 663-7716. Or, better yet ... stop in when they open and say hello to Beth, Lila, and Judy.