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Ambercrest Information

Did you know...
Only adults eighteen years and older may reside at Ambercrest. Children are welcome to visit, but only people eighteen years of age and older may live at Ambercrest.

Did you know...
80% of the Ambercrest home owners must have at least one person in residence age 55 or older, while the remaining 20% of the Ambercrest home owners must have at least one person in residence who is at least 35 years of age.

Did you know...
We have a heated pool.

Did you know...
Our local bus service, Link, offers service from just outside our gate.

Did you know...
Homeowners insurance, exterior maintenance, yard care, and snow removal are provided by the Ambercrest Home Owners Association (HOA), leaving you free to enjoy the beautiful Wenatchee Valley.

Did you know...
Our regional Wenatchee Valley Mall is located just a few miles away, including Macy's and Sears. Major grocery stores and Wenatchee Valley Medical Center are minutes away.

Did you know...
Pangborn Airport is just three miles away. Currently, Horizon Air serves Seattle with many daily flights. Charter operators are also available.

Did you know...
The Wenatchee Golf and Country Club is just around the corner from Ambercrest. There is access to Country Club Drive from the northwest side of the Ambercrest property that will accommodate golf carts.

Ambercrest Homeowners Association Information

  • What are the common elements?
    Building exteriors, park, pool, all landscaped areas, mailbox kiosk, gates, fences, interior roads, courtyards, front and rear areas.
  • What are the limited common items?
    Patios, decks, porches, mailboxes, and driveways.
  • Can owners rent their units?
    Yes, but the intent of the project is to provide owner-occupied housing. (See 7.9 of the Declarations)
  • Does a professional management company maintain the complex?
  • Are there any parking restrictions?
    Vehicles should be parked in the owners' garages. Guests are welcome to park on the street.
  • What do our dues cover?
    Dues cover water, sewer, pool maintenance, snow removal, yard care, and homeowners insurance. ($275/month.)
  • What is a "reserve for replacements" fund, and how is it handled?
    A reserve fund is established to cover future repair and capital replacement for the common area elements. A one time reserve of two months of dues is collected at closing from each purchaser.
  • Can dues be increased?
    Yes, by vote of the Homeowners Association.
  • How can one see a copy of the documents and financial statements?
    The Declaration, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Public Offering Statement, and proposed Budget, can be obtained from your real estate broker.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, one pet to a maximum of 50 pounds. (See 7.6 of The Declaration.)
  • What additional insurance is involved?
    Owners should have insurance coverage for personal property.